Saturday, October 13, 2012

What to do

august 18 2012,
well there is peace and quiet in my house this morning, kids are at my parents. it seems to me i am just not having enough of this peace, so i have to make sure every day i have this quiet.. so after yesterday and the enemy trying his best to get in between me and my mother, i actually got through it, i cryed, was upset and hurt but ended up writing them a small note saying that just becuase we disagree on stuff dosent mean we cant be a family, so i also stayed at there house and chatted with my dad for a while and my mom, it was nice i must say, its been quite some time since i had done that- i will continue to pray and hope god mends their broken hearts and the family will b restored .time will tell. well i really felt alone yesterdy without john, ya knnow he alwys had my side, especially when it came to family because he had such issues with his, so he was very comforting to me, so yesterday i felt so alone.. like wow how am i going to do thjis? all in all it was good, my brother even called last night and said he wanted to come clean out my garage for me and help with the sheds etc.. i was taken back-
maybe the walls r breakin down with love, so i have to continue to just love him i cant condemn him- he will see the truth. well the lady from moffitt who was in some kind of love thing with my husband started texting again the otherday- saying so sorry for your loss, and it will be hard to be all alone, let me know if un need anything. after she text his phone ....she is so sick.. ,

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