Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hosea 4:6 6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:

We must awake ..... The new generation rising up !! There must b a revival I'n their hearts.. It's our duty to ignite their fires! But how can we do that, if we as their trainers have no fire..? How can we teach and train them up by sitting still.. We simply can't! We need an awakening a revival ... A generation who loves the lord and who are willing to go and get dirty , who are willing to step outside the comfortable box they live I'n!! It's hard and it definetly won't be easy... But oh it will be so worth it!!! To feel gods love every moments of every day.. Not just once a week or on a sunday... He calls us to LIVE this way!!! FOLLOW ME he said ... And then to bring that love into the homes and hearts of the broken, the hurt, the sinner, the lost... Right here I'n our backyard!! No need to travel the world.. It's right here!! Look out your bak door!! With this holiday of thanks being tomorrow... Thank him for loving you soo much that he wants to break you from you..And your ways... He wants to fill those broken spots with his love and holy spirit, so you can give it away to those who need it...He wants to make you just like him.. To love with abandon, unconditionally, without stipulations .. Totally wide open!!!!! ARE YOU READY!!!

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