Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I have a few questions for you ..?

What IF there was more..?
What IF GOD has a bigger plan for YOU? aside from what your living....
What IF its passionate and erratically?
What IF you had to drop everything right now at the altar ( the way you live )...?

And start following the holy spirits lead completely..???
Would you trust him enough? to do that.....

What if its bigger than the American Dream?...
The Battle gets harder, the prayer life becomes a lifestyle and not just something you have to do ..
the praise comes out of your mouth, flowing naturally just as you speak words...
Worship becomes an amazing gift to you , to enter into his kingdom,
and to see new things he wants for your life.!!

Are you ready to be a RADICAL DISCIPLE... are you ready for your life to effect others..
Are you ready to learn how to hear him, how to be obedient even if it hurts, are you ready to change the next generation of the young people!

Are you ready for a Simply Devoted Life to the one who wants to bring you new life?????

ARE YOU READY......... ???

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